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Diet For Erectile Dysfunction

Can certain nutrients boost your sexual performance? Find out which foods may prevent erection problems — and how they work.

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Diet For Premature Ejaculation

Food items that we eat have various effects on our body, even on our intimate life. Some foods may cause harmful effect in sexual life and some may help you to overcome the problem.

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Impact Of Sleep On Sex Life!

With more people frankly discussing the loss of sex drive, studies have been conducted to investigate the reasons behind this. Surprisingly, in addition to hormonal and functional causes like genital issues, one common factor that causes loss of libido in both men and women is lifestyle changes. In addition to improper food habits and loss of exercise.

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Drinking Water During Meals: Good or Bad?

Our digestive system is made up of a complex set up of organs, enzymes, secretions and much more. In order to ensure that they all function in tandem with each other so that our digestion works properly, we need to take many measures.

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Laugh More Live More – 8 Things That Can Help You With It!

Is your life dull and boring? Are you unhappy with the way you are leading your everyday life? Laughter is very important for living and is a vital part of healthy living. It helps in relieving tension, reducing stress, making you relax, and increases your happiness. Here are some ways in which you can bring more laughter.

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Eat Right, Sleep Well & Exercise - 3 Mantras To Be Happy!

We all lead a very stressful life. Many of us have medical issues like hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol issues and so on. What should we do or should we have done rather so that we wouldn’t suffer from these lifestyle diseases?

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Ayurveda - 5 Ways It Can Help You Sleep Better!

Are you suffering from sleeplessness or disturbed and disrupted sleep? According to Ayurvedic principles, proper sleep, along with a proper diet, and a proper utilization of energy is very important for you to maintain good health. There are several practical Ayurvedic health principles, which can help you sleep better, and boost your body immunity. You can opt to follow these Ayurvedic principles for improving your sleep.

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Drink Water from Copper Vessel - 5 Amazing Health Benefits

You may have noticed that the elders in your home often talked about how their grandparents kept water overnight in copper jars believing that by drinking that water in the morning would cleanse both mind and body.It is true because copper is an essential mineral for the body. Even Ayurveda advises to store water in copper vessels and drink it for the maintenance of good health. The copper is said to possess an electromagnetic energy that aids in solving the issues arising from the imbalances in the body